USCIS DNA Testing: All About Immigration DNA Testing in NYC

We come from all backgrounds to form the melting pot that is the United States. Regardless of our origins, our goals are simple – to live the American dream. Some Americans have the luxury of being citizens by birth. Conversely, others are becoming citizens through the immigration process. The immigration process is both challenging and frustrating at times. Fortunately, there are tools like USCIS DNA testing that expedite immigration applications.

AABB Immigration DNA Testing NYC sympathizes with the millions of people in other countries vying for a spot in the United States. Furthermore, we sympathize with you…the family members who are striving to reunite with your loved ones. Hence, our mission is acting as a database for all things related to USCIS DNA testing and Immigration DNA testing in NYC. 

While browsing our site, you find the latest information on how to immigrate and follow the correct process. Currently, the United States exclusively considers visa applications when an immediate family member processes them. Hence, providing sufficient documentation verifying a biological relationship to your relative – the beneficiary – becomes crucial. In some cases, petitioners have a hard time producing enough evidence.

USCIS DNA Testing for Proving Biological Relationships

For these situations, USCIS DNA testing becomes an extremely valuable tool. Actually, DNA testing in NYC is the only tool that the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs allows for proving a biological relationship. Fortunately, advancements in DNA testing technology position USCIS DNA testing as an affordable, quick, and painless method of verifying a biological relationship. Generally, DNA tests retrieve results in two weeks or less. Specifically, that means from the time you give your DNA sample to the moment you receive the report detailing the results. Furthermore, DNA tests achieve impressive accuracy. The current standard is actually 99.9% accuracy – so you can be sure that you are getting results that you can trust.

The Process for DNA Testing for Immigration Purposes

Collecting DNA Abroad. The selected DNA testing clinic in NYC ships the kit to the U.S.Embassy in the beneficiary’s country. The U.S. Embassy then tests the beneficiary.


Finding An NYC AABB DNA Testing Facility

The U.S. Embassy mandates that all NYC DNA testing for immigration purposes occur at an AABB-accredited facility. Specifically, the petitioner located in the U.S. needs to find an AABB facility. For beneficiaries located abroad, DNA testing should occur at the closest U.S. Embassy or consulate in their home country.


Collecting DNA Samples

The petitioner must perform their DNA sample collection at the AABB-accredited testing site. Furthermore, take note that receiving a DNA test kit and sampling your DNA personally is not permitted. Hence, the U.S. Embassy only accepts DNA testing in NYC performed at accredited testing sites and under proper supervision.


Collecting The Fees

The U.S. Embassy contacts the beneficiary to set up their DNA sample collection appointment.


Showing Up To The Embassy For Immigration DNA Testing

After scheduling the appointment, the U.S. Embassy collects fees involved for testing purposes. Also, family members performing the DNA testing are responsible for providing a receipt of payment at the time of DNA sampling. Ultimately, not bringing the receipt to the collection appointment results in the need for rescheduling the collection.


Obtaining The Results

After completing payments, the family member shows up to the consulate with the correct documents for DNA sampling. Finally, the U.S. Embassy sends the DNA testing kit back to the NYC AABB DNA Testing site.


Consular Closings

Ultimately, the AABB DNA testing facility receives the kit from the Embassy and tests it. After, the testing site sends the results to the US Embassy. Then, the Embassy contacts the petitioner to share the results of the test. Once that is taken care of, the petitioner continues the application process to completion.

What USCIS DNA Testing in NYC Does for You

While DNA testing potentially expedites the visa application process, there are no guarantees that a positive DNA match automatically prompts approving the application. Hence, taking the proper steps and following their regulations positions you for a positive result – but be prepared for any possible outcome. AABB Immigration DNA Testing NYC wishes you the best in your endeavors and reuniting your family. We understand the sacrifices hopeful citizens make to be a part of our country – and they are not in vain.