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DNA Testing for Immigration Purposes: Your Source for the Correct Information

Welcome and thanks for visiting AABB Immigration DNA Testing NYC. Our organization exists to review the most current information on DNA testing for immigration purposes. Additionally, we focus on compiling all relevant information and sharing it with our audience on our website.

Your Source for the Correct Information

Please take note that we are NOT a DNA testing laboratory. The U.S. Embassy and USCIS require that DNA tests for immigration purposes be performed solely by AABB-accredited laboratories. Our focus is simply on informing our audience and helping you find the right laboratories to provide DNA testing in NYC. Furthermore, failing to abide by these requirements potentially harms your chances of them approving your application. As a result, it is important to read through this site carefully.

Our goal is learning and sharing all of the important details regarding DNA testing for immigration purposes. Ideally, we are helping more families process successful visa applications by empowering them with the right information. Immigration changes millions of peoples’ lives – some for the better and some for the worse. Ultimately, we are focusing on assisting more people to achieve the outcomes they are striving towards.

All About immigration DNA tESTING IN nyc

U.S. Immigration at a Glance

As of 2016, more than 44 million immigrants are living in the United States.

Immigrants are accounting for about 14% of the U.S. population.

Immigrants and their American-born children compose 27% of the population – or roughly 84 million people.

India, China, and Mexico are the leading countries of origin for immigrants to the US.

Clearly, our US immigration laws affect millions trying to come here (and some already here). We understand the strong bonds that families share and the longing for reuniting that many New York City residents experience. Furthermore, we understand the visa application process often times becomes a difficult one.

The Process for DNA Testing for Immigration Purposes

Collecting DNA Abroad. The selected DNA testing clinic in NYC ships the kit to the U.S.Embassy in the beneficiary’s country. The U.S. Embassy then tests the beneficiary.


Finding An NYC AABB DNA Testing Facility

The U.S. Embassy mandates that all NYC DNA testing for immigration purposes occur at an AABB-accredited facility. Specifically, the petitioner located in the U.S. needs to find an AABB facility. For beneficiaries located abroad, DNA testing should occur at the closest U.S. Embassy or consulate in their home country.


Collecting DNA Samples

The petitioner must perform their DNA sample collection at the AABB-accredited testing site. Furthermore, take note that receiving a DNA test kit and sampling your DNA personally is not permitted. Hence, the U.S. Embassy only accepts DNA testing in NYC performed at accredited testing sites and under proper supervision.


Collecting The Fees

The U.S. Embassy contacts the beneficiary to set up their DNA sample collection appointment.


Showing Up To The Embassy For Immigration DNA Testing

After scheduling the appointment, the U.S. Embassy collects fees involved for testing purposes. Also, family members performing the DNA testing are responsible for providing a receipt of payment at the time of DNA sampling. Ultimately, not bringing the receipt to the collection appointment results in the need for rescheduling the collection.


Obtaining The Results

After completing payments, the family member shows up to the consulate with the correct documents for DNA sampling. Finally, the U.S. Embassy sends the DNA testing kit back to the NYC AABB DNA Testing site.


Consular Closings

Ultimately, the AABB DNA testing facility receives the kit from the Embassy and tests it. After, the testing site sends the results to the US Embassy. Then, the Embassy contacts the petitioner to share the results of the test. Once that is taken care of, the petitioner continues the application process to completion.

The Importance of DNA Testing for Immigration Purposes

Only relatives of hopeful immigrants can apply for an immigration visa. Hence, the visa application process involves the petitioner submitting evidence and supporting documents of a biological relationship. Sometimes, the petitioner lacks enough supporting documents to submit. In this case, the process requires DNA testing for immigration purposes.

Fortunately, DNA testing for immigration purposes expedites the process by creating substantiating evidence of biological relationships. Also, it is important to note that DNA testing in NYC does not guarantee approval – but it helps you move past this step.

DNA testing in NYC is currently the standard for proving biological relationships between petitioners and beneficiaries from foreign countries. Actually, today’s DNA tests boast over 99.99% accuracy ratings – a standard that is very difficult to exceed.

All About immigration DNA tESTING IN nyc

Some Important Points to Consider Regarding DNA Testing for Immigration Purposes

Home DNA test kits are not appropriate for immigration DNA tests! USCIS, Passport Agencies, and United States Embassies exclusively permit DNA sample results when the cases are opened and reported directly from AABB-accredited laboratories.

Also, beware of third-party brokers positioning themselves as AABB accredited DNA testing laboratories. Not following the proper procedures potentially jeopardizes your application.

The petitioner pays the costs for DNA testing for immigration purposes. The courts DO NOT pay these fees. Additionally, the petitioner and/or the beneficiary assumes the responsibility for paying the beneficiary’s testing fees to the U.S. Embassy of their home country.

The U.S. Embassy requires payment for DNA testing fees after setting up the testing appointment. After paying the required fees, the Embassy submits a receipt to the beneficiary. Furthermore, the Embassy requires bringing that receipt along with the beneficiary’s photo idea to the DNA sampling appointment. In case the beneficiary forgets to bring this along, rescheduling the appointment becomes the only option.

Any deviation from the United States government’s mandated procedures have the potential for negatively affecting your application. Hence, familiarizing yourself with the proper protocols and abiding by them remains your best option for a positive response. Continue reading our site for more information. We wish you plenty of success and good luck in your ventures.