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Frequently Asked Questions About Immigration DNA Testing

AABB Immigration DNA Testing NYC provides a repository for the latest and most accurate developments regarding immigration DNA testing. As mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters ourselves – we understand how important restoring family ties is to you.

Many of us come to the United States and leave our families behind with the purpose of reuniting with them again as soon as possible. The visa application process can be a lengthy one, and there are many steps to follow. Hence, we take it upon ourselves to arm you with the right information to move things along as quickly as you can.

Ultimately, learning as much as you can about the process helps you to follow the required steps appropriately. Any deviance from the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs’ requirements poses the risk of invalidating the visa application. As a result, it’s important to browse through the site carefully and focus on gaining as much knowledge as you can.

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General Questions About DNA Testing in NYC

Your first step is finding an AABB-accredited DNA testing laboratory. Only laboratories approved by the American Association of Blood Banks are accepted for immigration DNA testing purposes. Furthermore, for general purposes, only AABB lab results hold up in various other court cases. Take a look at the approved sources here. After finding the right testing site, schedule an appointment, pay the fees, and show up at the DNA testing clinic in NYC.

Not to our knowledge, DNA testing laboratories charge for analyzing DNA. Hence, DNA collection sites charge their customers to cover these costs.

Generally speaking, yes. Actually, a lot of this depends on the DNA testing site in NYC you choose. Hence, you want to choose carefully and go for a reputable site that inspires confidence in you. Ultimately, each business holds their own standard of morals – so make sure to perform your due diligence.

DNA testing is a very simple process. The standard procedure involves utilizing a buccal swab to collect the individual’s cheek cells. Additionally, the process involves swabbing for up to 30 seconds to collect enough cheek cells and then storing it in a sterile container.

Not at all, it’s a quick and painless process. It only takes 30 seconds and there are no needles involved.

After collecting your sample, the DNA testing facility in NYC delivers your samples to an AABB DNA testing lab in NYC. Then, the lab technicians analyze your DNA and compile a report. Finally, they send this report directly to you.

So far, DNA testing remains the ‘Gold Standard’ for various testing purposes due to its accuracy. Actually, DNA testing currently sits at about 99.99% accuracy for cases of inclusion. Conversely, it is 100% accurate for denying the existence of a genetic match.

Questions About Immigration DNA Testing

Immigration DNA testing is the process of DNA testing an American citizen who applies for an immigration visa for an immediate family member. Also, the process involves testing the beneficiary and comparing their DNA for a match.

Yes, the U.S. Embassy requests DNA testing in NYC when the petitioner submits an application without sufficient documentation of a biological relationship. DNA testing is the legal standard by which the petitioner establishes a genetic match to the beneficiary. The United States exclusively allows immediate family members to petition their relatives to come here. Hence, the U.S. requires that both parties have matching DNA.

No, the USCIS and the Bureau of Consular Affairs mandate that all DNA testing in NYC take place at an AABB-accredited lab. Also, certified lab collectors must supervise these tests. Hence, the home kits you buy at a convenience store, etc. do not serve as legitimate testing options.

The fees for DNA testing in NYC generally vary according to each laboratory. Also, it’s important to note that the petitioner and the beneficiary assume the costs for DNA testing for immigration purposes. Furthermore, these fees must be paid prior to the DNA collection appointment. Hence, failing to pay these fees before the appointment necessitates rescheduling the collection appointment.

There are many variables that affect how much time it takes to get your results. Keep in mind that the process involves testing the petitioner and the beneficiary. Hence, and delays due to not processing payments, not showing up for the collection appointment, etc. elongate the process. Generally, the entire process takes between 2 to 3 weeks depending on each step in the process and how quickly the labs analyze the DNA samples.

The U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs contacts you after receiving your DNA sample results from the laboratory. Assuming a positive match, they inform you to continue processing the next steps in your visa application.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Additionally, the approval process involves reviewing many factors. Although, it’s worth noting that matching DNA tests definitely help expedite your case.