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DNA Test for Citizenship: US Passport DNA Testing Explained

Residents of the United States require a U.S. Passport for the purposes of traveling in and out of the country. Occasionally, American citizens depart for a trip abroad while they are pregnant. Hence, sometimes they give birth in foreign countries and return with their child to the United States. Children born of American citizens traveling abroad still require passports to enter the United States.

Actually, transmitting United States citizenship to children born abroad requires proving that a legitimate biological relationship exists between the parent and the child. Currently, a DNA test for citizenship remains the standard genetic testing tool. Furthermore, it is the only tool the Bureau of Consular Affairs accepts for the purposes of proving biological relationships.

Fortunately, DNA testing in NYC offers impressive accuracy. Actually, DNA testing yields results with an accuracy rating that exceeds 99.99%. Also, a DNA test for citizenship takes very little time to complete. DNA testing in NYC involves collecting cheek cells via a buccal swab. The sample collectors then ship these cheek cells to an AABB-accredited laboratory for analysis.

As a side note, take into account that only AABB-certified labs in NYC can provide a legitimate DNA test for citizenship. Furthermore, the home DNA testing kits you find on store shelves DO NOT meet the standards for these circumstances.

Applying for a Passport or CRBA

Upon returning to the country, parents are to apply for a passport for their newborns. Also, parents still abroad with their newborns request a CRBA as a proactive approach. Certain circumstances prompt the Bureau of Consular affairs to recommend that applicants take a DNA test for citizenship. As a result, they suggest this testing as a means to substantiate the parents’ claims of a biological relationship to the child. If you are facing these conditions, continue reading to learn the process of acquiring DNA testing for citizenship.

Obtaining a DNA Test for Citizenship

The first step is finding a suitable DNA testing lab in NYC. As previously mentioned, only labs certified by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) are suitable for these tests. For a list of these labs, click here. For parents still abroad with their newborns, applying for CRBA is the right step. Additionally, the appropriate location for handling these issues is at your nearest U.S. Embassy. After finding the appropriate locations, scheduling an appointment for sample collection is necessary.

Next, after scheduling the appointment, the parent appears at the accredited facility or at the U.S. Embassy. The testing process, as described above, takes very little time to complete.

For children abroad, the appropriate DNA testing facility sends the DNA testing kit to the U.S. Embassy nearest to the applicant’s location. The Embassy contacts the applicant, or the parents of the applicant, once they receive the kit. The Embassy then schedules their DNA collection appointment.

The applicant shows up to the U.S. Embassy for their DNA testing appointment. Also, keep in mind that this process is considered completely voluntary and requires that the applicant or legal guardians pay for the DNA test. Hence, the Embassy requires that the applicant pays the fees before arriving at their appointment. After paying, they provide you with a receipt – bring this receipt to the collection appointment along with a form of ID. Valid forms of ID include; the parent’s ID, the applicant’s birth certificate, and the receipt itself.

Finally, after collecting the DNA sample, the Embassy ships it back to the AABB accredited lab in NYC for further analysis.

After completing the analysis, the lab then sends the results to the Embassy. The Embassy contacts the parents after receiving the results. They advise the parents to continue processing the application to its finality. Ultimately, keep in mind that even a matching DNA test for citizenship fails to guarantee a positive result. The Bureau processes each application and makes decisions accordingly. Parents looking to obtain a copy of the DNA testing results need to contact the AABB DNA testing facility directly. The Embassy does not send testing results to the parents.

Every Step Matters

Take care in reading this information multiple times over as any mistakes or skipping steps potentially results in delays or rejection of your application. AABB Immigration DNA Testing NYC also wants to remind you that we are not a DNA testing site in NYC. However, click here to find a list of the AABB labs.

Our mission is informing you with the most accurate and recent information regarding a DNA test for citizenship and the procedures involving it. Also, while we take part in updating our database frequently – checking the official government websites is not a bad idea. Ultimately, take advantage of our site by gathering the information, but double-check the government sites to be safe.

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